They hint to me here that I am in demand as a teacher of tribal fusion, well …

They hint to me here that I am in demand as a teacher of tribal fusion, well ...

They hint to me here that I am in demand as a teacher of tribal fusion, although it seemed so much has been said and told about the base, muscles and principles of movements, that it was obvious to me that everyone who wanted to have taken their 🧐
And if not yet, and you think that I have something to give you, I want to share information about where to find me: 🍂 Wednesday 07: 00-09: 00 (morning), hall – attic, 2 minutes from the metro station Dubrovka + by arrangements for additional classes at the same time in a week from 3 people,
Занятия individual lessons at home and also in the hall on Dubrovka,
Группа A group is planned in the morning on the weekend, if you are interested, let me know.

What can i give? 🌀At the moment, in the regular group, we have been working out movements for Indian fusion, from October-November there will be Persian modifications of tribal fusion
🌀 I teach dancing through bodily awareness, tribal fusion is for me akin to bodily meditation – we work a lot with the sensations from our body, we learn to observe it and control it through it
ОBut most of the time we still dance) we study the basic Arabic rhythms, we work on musicality, interaction, plastic, clarity, we improvise, we remember the choreography
🌀 At the warm-up, swing and pull the necessary muscles, work on balance and coordination, there are a lot of equipment in the hall
🌀 I don’t chase hype, quantity, volume, I just like to dance, in the rain, in the heat, in the winter at dawn, alone and in the group, in the mini-group, in the mountains, in silence, in the forest, on the dance floor, I believe that in a special cozy atmosphere, everyone can find a connection with their body and realize all their dancing goals and desires, no matter how different they are for everyone
🌀 I think the world is riddled with streams of energies, I literally feel them and almost see them, especially when I come to the forest, when I listen to music, when certain events unfold in front of me – these streams penetrate the world, not only people were my teachers, I studied and study in trees, mountains, the moon, water, flame of fire, wind in weightless fabric, this is not metaphysics, these are the real foundations of movements: grace, lightness, sensuality, speed, static, direction, and as part of this stream I cannot but dance and I cannot don’t share what goes through me🔮 Photo @ solntseva_photography


Author: emily